Students (and parents)
Check edline... it's near the end of the school year, but we aren't done yet!! You still have to complete assignments and many of you aren't!
I gave an opportunity last week to turn in late work with no consequences... many didn't even bother!! It's difficult to overcome a zero on a 40+ point assignment.
** Personal timeline assignment is due Friday, worth 100 points in Math.
Friday March 18 : Afternoon Assembly Schedule
Monday-Friday March 21-25 Spring Break
Monday March 28: Quilt Square Due for Math -- Pi Digit Competition
Wednesday March 30: Math TLI- Module 5 (Last one!!)
Friday April 1: Mock Benchmark schedule and assembly
Wednesday April 6: Next checkpoint due date for Theme Day project
Tues-Fri April 12-15 ACTAAP (Benchmark) Testing
Report Cards 03/17/2011
Report Cards will be sent home the week after Spring Break
Check with your teachers to see if there is any missing work that can/should be made up!
Parents and students,

As our second semester started, I had hoped for a better start. It seems that a lot of students still have their mind on Christmas break.
There are several studetns with missing assignements - some classwork, some hoemwork. There have only been 6 for the semester so far.

I have graded today's test, and the test grades seem to have a direct correlation to the amount of homework/classwork turned in.

Each student that has missing work has recieved a slip indicating what they are missing. They have until Jan 25 to turn it in.  This is beyond my normal allowances and will be done this time only.

Please help to remind your child that all work is required, not just a passing grade on the test.

Thank you,
Mrs. Leiterman
Tuesday: 2nd and 4th Block
Wednesday: 6th and 8th Block
Thursday: 1st and 3rd Block, please note schedule change: 2nd Block comes first, followed by 1st, 4th, then 3rd Block last.
Friday: 5th and 7th Block, please note schedule change: 6th Block comes first, followed by 5th, 8th, then 7th Bock is last.

Come to Fuller Middle School Monday Dec 6th at 6:30 for an informational meeting on the school sponsored trip to Washington DC!
TLI was today, I already graded the open response questions... they look to be pretty good!
Monday 11/22 is the only math class we will have before Thanksgiving break... we'll take a unit test, then come back from break ready to start a new unit!
TAG 1 Seminar 10/28/2010
TAG 1 Seminar
Students are beginning to journal on the AR book they have chosen from our library. They are required to test on these books and may do so in the library or in our classrooms.
We are also doing some research on Industrial Revolution and creating our first BRIEF bibliography done correctly in MLA format.
Look for more information regarding what your students are working on in Social Studies within the next week or so!  In fact, ask your student how they are going to change the world...I bet they have at least one good idea.




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